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Citizen Science

There are many ways that you can get involved as a citizen scientist, to help us all learn more about our environment.You’ll work with Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) staff, participating in scientific research and helping to shape what we know about our natural world. There’s a citizen science project for you, whatever your age or background  - Visit Citizen Science OEH website

Gwydir Valley Environment Water Advisory Group

More commonly called the Gwydir ECA Committee, this group of local members advise government on the use of environment water through their annual environmental water planning processes. The acronym ECA stands for the Environment Contingency Allowance, which is a 45 Gigalitre water allocation, set aside by NSW water legislation, solely for the environment and held in the upstream Copeton Dam to be called upon as planned. Visit Gwydir website

Macquarie Valley Environment Water Advisory Group

The Macquarie-Cudgegong Environmental Water Advisory Group, known locally as the Environmental Flows Reference Group (EFRG), are a collaborative community-government stakeholder group established to advise government (NSW and Commonwealth) on the use of managed environmental water in the regulated Macquarie and Cudgegong Rivers. They use a well developed decision-making process to inform 3-year watering strategies and the preparation of annual environmental water management plans for implementation by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office. Visit Macquarie Valley Environment Water Advisory Group website

Partnership with FeralScan 

WaterbirdTracker has partnered with FeralScan (www.feralscan.org.au) (hosted by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions, and NewtonGreen Technologies) for its web-mapping application. FeralScan provides a free custom-designed web- and App-based community website for monitoring and recording pest animal species. This technology has been shared with WaterbirdTracker and the Office of Environment and Heritage. For any technical enquiries about this service, please e-mail info@newtongreen.com.
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waterbirds waterbirds waterbirds


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