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Beaks, Feet and Feathers Teaching Resources

Beaks, Feet and Feathers teaching resource

Beaks and Feet Reference

Beaks and Feet Reference

Bird Identification Flyer – provided by Dr. Kate Brandis (UNSW)

The waterbird identification flyer features 16 wetland birds that may be seen in our local wetlands and wet areas. Three of these are iconic species for our Waterbirdtracker project, they are: Glossy Ibis, Magpie Goose and Spoonbill (Royal). Students can print out and take the flyer with them to assist them in identifying birds using their wetlands or use the pictures for classroom learning projects.

Waterbird Identification

Dr Kate Brandis of the University of NSW (UNSW) has prepared a number of educational resources for teachers and educators that help explore our unique waterbirds and their important wet habitats.

Kate has also conducted an exciting project to map the movement of waterbird species through their feather analysis.

To find out more about her Feathermap project go to https://feathermap.ansto.gov.au

Waterbird Video

Garry Clark of Armidale, is a bird videographer and has provided this project with a waterbird video on YouTube, titled: Waterbird Tracker (Flagship Species).

This video is nine minutes long and provides both teachers and students with a resource for our flagship species:

Magpie Geese, Spoonbill(s), Glossy Ibis, Brolga, Black Necked Stork and Black Swan.
Access this resource here: https://youtu.be/y-0j37UDJl0

Garry has recorded over five hundred Australian birds and has created eight DVDs, one of which is focused on waterbirds.

For more information go to: https://gonebirding.com.au

Contact details: garryclark0@gmail.com
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waterbirds waterbirds waterbirds


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