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More information about waterbirds and wetlands


The Australian Citizen Science Association

The Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) was formed to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy. We are a member-based community that supports, informs and develops citizen science. ACSA membership is open to citizen science project managers, volunteers or anyone with an interest in citizen science.
Visit ACSA website: https://csna.gaiaresources.com.au/who-we-are


CSIRO - A focus on colonial-nesting waterbirds


Waterbird breeding and movements: Knowledge for water managers

Our Australian waterbird populations depend on suitable feeding and nesting habitats coupled with flood events. Protecting and maintaining suitable feeding and nesting habitats both between and during flood events is essential to maximise waterbird recruitment, maintain populations, and conserve biodiversity. This requires careful management of both vegetation and water regimes. The CSIRO is focusing its research on waterbird species which breed and nest in colonies within our wetlands. Visit the CSIRO website to find our more: https://research.csiro.au/ewkrwaterbirds

Feather Map

The University of NSW is conducting an exciting project to map the movement of waterbird species through their feather analysis. Become a citizen scientist today by collecting wetland bird feathers you find on the ground or in the water and help our researchers create the first ever Feather Map of Australia. Visit Feathermap website  

The East Asian - Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP)

The Partnership was launched on 6 November 2006 and aims to protect migratory waterbirds, their habitat and the livelihoods of people dependent upon them. 
There are currently 35 Partners including 17 countries, 6 intergovernmental agencies, 11 international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and 1 international private enterprise.
Visit EAAFP website: http://eaaflyway.net

Water for the Environment

If you wish to find more information about our important wetlands or how environmental water is managed, visit the NSW Office of Environment (OEH), Water for the Environment webpage. Visit OEH website

NSW BioNet - wildlife atlas

NSW BioNet is the repository for biodiversity data products managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). BioNet aims to improve biodiversity outcomes by enabling the community and government to proactively manage and enhance biodiversity in NSW through comprehensive, credible and robust information. Visit BioNET website


Birdlife Australia

For more detailed bird recording, visit the Birdlife Australia website where a wealth of information and ways to get involved awaits. Visit Birdlife Australia website


Bullarah Fauna photography

Pat Johnston, a cattle grazier in Bullarah District (approx 70km west of Moree)

I enjoy, discovering and photographing our local fauna then sharing experience through my website
Visit the Bullarah website containing spectacular wildlife photography

Boyanga South photography

Phillip and Terry Fleming are sheep and cattle producers on the Gingham Channel, 75kms NW of Moree.
Terry uses their Boyanga South Facebook page to showcase the flora, fauna and habitat, in the wetlands and woodlands on, and around their property, “Boyanga South”.

They realized how little they knew about the birds, in particular, that came in and out of their environment as the seasons changed and photography was a way to learn as well as show others, or simply share with fellow enthusiasts.


Citizen Surveillance – Where you help map feral animals and the damage they cause. A landholder, community, industry, government and business collaboration. Now hosting over 100,000 community records. Visit FeralScan website  
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waterbirds waterbirds waterbirds


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