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Historical Resources


"Treasures of the Gwydir" by Diana Wilson

This book contains Diana’s family (Morse) history, including their family’s contribution in raising the awareness of the internationally significant Gwydir Wetlands, west of Moree NSW. Her grandfather, Frederick Charles Morse born 1874, was a man with a great love of nature and a passion for birds. Frederick was one of the first to document the massive bird breeding colonies in the Gwydir Wetlands in 1922. His contributions to The Emu and other bird journals have added considerably to the knowledge of Australian Ornithology.

Other historical articles include:

  • A Trip to the Watercourse North West NSW - Dombrain 1921

  • Birds of the Moree District - Morse 1922

  • Egret and Glossy Ibis Rookeries - Morse 1922

  • New Nesting Records of Glossy Ibis - Bailey 1933

  • The Camp out at Moree NSW and the Birds Observed - Bryant 1933

  • An Ornithological Trip to North Western NSW - McGill 1944

  • The Food and Feed Habitats of Straw-necked and White Ibis in Australia - Carrick 1959

  • Breeding, Movements and Conservation of Ibises in Australia - Carrick 1962

  • Narran Waterbirds - LeyA 1998

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waterbirds waterbirds waterbirds


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