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Community maps freshwater turtles

TurtleSAT is a new website where communities are mapping the location of freshwater turtles in waterways and wetlands across the country. Australia's unique freshwater turtles are in crisis - their numbers are declining and your help is needed to record where you see turtles in your local area.

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Rainfall will trigger turtle nesting - Click here to get involved

Recent rainfall will trigger turtles to move, and to start nesting. If you see a freshwater turtle (or a turtle nest) near your local creek, farm dam or on the road, enter the location of your sighting in this website. Your sightings will help land managers to track the movement and behaviour of turtles, to protect them and their offspring in your local area.

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Start Mapping Turtles Now!

Record where you see freshwater turtles or their nests in your local area - Start mapping now! Either Register your details and login, or simply record your email address when entering sightings.

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Identifying turtle species

Do you know which freshwater turtles occur in your local area - read about the Eastern Long-necked Turtle, the Broad Shelled Turtle, and the Murray Short-necked Turtle.

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Download the Mobile App

Use your mobile phone in the field to record data and take photos.

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Reducing fox predation is a key objective

Fox predation on freshwater turtles and their eggs can be extremely high. This project aims to help identify areas for enhancements to fox control to increase the survival rates of freshwater turtles. TurtleSAT works directly with the FoxScan project to reduce the impacts of foxes.

Latest eLys research newsletter

Read the latest eLys newsletter to learn about the latest research on freshwater turtles in Australasia.

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Project partners and community supporters

This project is sponsored by community, government, industry, and research partners. TurtleSAT is also supported by the the FeralScan initiative, and the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

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